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Slot Machine Games

Unlike traditional Table Games like Poker or Blackjack, Slot Machine Games require no prior gambling knowledge or skills and anyone can play slots. Slot Machine Games have in recent times undergone a technological overhaul which has led to the replacement of the classic mechanical slots with advanced computer programmed slot machines. Online Slot Machine Games are programmed with a Random Number Generator that generates the result of each game at random. Java Applet and Macromedia Flash software is usually used to develop the no download Slot Machine Games which you can play in your flash enabled web browser.

Over the years, Slot Machine Games have evolved from the traditional single coin and single payline machines into a wide variety of complex and exciting variations which offer multiple paylines and huge payouts. One of the most popular forms of Slot Machine Games is Straight Slots, which as the name implies are simple games to play and understand, where you receive a payout for a winning combination on the standard pay table. Straight slots are offered in four different variations, each with its own unique set of features and jackpots exclusive to the different types of Slot Machine Games.

Multiplier Slots are a variation of Slots Machine Games which multiplies your payout by the size of your bet. The Bonus Multiplier Slots multiplies your bonus payouts if you get a particular symbol and Multi-Paylines offer several paylines that you can bet on and a winning combination may appear on any activated payline. The Buy A Pay Slot Machine Games offer more than one payout table and offers increased winning odds because different combinations of symbols may appear on each pay table. The wildcard is used in these Slot Machine Games to substitute any symbol and create a winning combination.

3-Reel Slot Machine Games may offer multiple or single paylines and additional bonus features. The 5-reel Slot Machine Games are a variation to the 3-reel slots and offer additional paylines and winning combinations. Some Slot Machine Games such as Progressive Slots are linked to a network of other slot machines located in the same casino or in various casinos. Every time that a player bets a certain amount on any of the linked slot machines, a percentage portion of this bet is allocated to the progressive jackpot pool. Progressive Slot Machine Games offer massive life-changing jackpots because of prize pool that grows continuously.