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Interactive Bonus Features in Online Slot Games

Interactive Bonus Features in Online Slot Games

Free SlotsInteractive online Slot games have taken the gambling community by storm! These are the type of casino games that keep players coming back for more as there are so many to choose from! If you don’t already know what an interactive online Slot game is, well then you are in for one juicy surprise. An interactive Slot game is one that offers players anything from 25 bet lines up to 50 bet lines!


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Like regular Slots, they have reels and paylines. An interactive online Slot game however, offers players more betting options by providing them with more reels and paylines. Not only do they offer those features but they also offer bonus games and features.

Interactive bonus features in online Slot games vary from Slot to Slot game. Each interactive Slot machine consists of symbols that represent something. There are also symbols known as a Scatter, Wild and Multiplier. These symbols trigger the bonus features. Some of these bonus features might include bonus rounds, bonus games, free plays or even free spins. Each offering a special prize, the bonus features are known to increase winning substantially if played with the right amount of knowledge.

Bonus features are triggered when 3 or mare scatters land on your payline. The bonus game is then opened on a separate screen and will request players to make certain choices which result in the winning or losing outcome of the bonus game. Wild symbols help players form winning combinations and often add a certain amount of credits onto the winnings, this depends on the winning combination. Free spins and free games are also activated by Scatter symbols which offer players the chance to add credit to their winning.

Bonus features offered by interactive Slot games vary. So find yourself the perfect themed Slot game and see what it could have in store for you!