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A Well-prepared Online Gamer will be a Satisfied Online Gamer


Adults like to gamble.  This is a well-known fact.  When the only casinos were land-based we travelled to them occasionally.  More often we played poker with our friends or bought lottery tickets.  We bought raffle tickets to benefit our church.

About 15 years ago, the first online casino was introduced and was followed by many more.  Today there are thousands of sites where we can play online casino real money games.  One thing that we often neglect is to properly prepare ourselves to gamble online.  Here are four sure-fire ways to prepare for online casino gaming for real money.

The first is to adopt a pet.  Not really; we mean to find cat memes online.  The pleasure cat memes bring to even the crustiest old geezer will happily prepare you to enjoy your session of online gaming even if you’re having a less than lucky streak!  Humor always comes in handy whether you’re gambling at an online casino or at a land-based casino.

An activity is to solve maze like this Stop Maze. Try to solve it and then check the solution HERE!

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Another  activity similar to maze work is coloring for grown-ups.  Adult coloring pages are to kids’ coloring pages as adult maze art is to children’s mazes.   Adults began coloring about ten years ago.  At first, people expected the fad to die out as quickly as it started but it has only grown and become more popular!

Psychologists say that it’s a manifestation of our high-pressure adult lives; that we yearn to return to our childhood but to stay within our adult selves.  Sociologists are diametrically divided on the phenomenon.  Some opine that it is a form of stress management while others take the harsh tack that it manifests the infantilization of society.  As online gamers, we can say that coloring adult coloring pages puts our minds at ease; we feel more secure in ourselves when we begin an online gambling set if we have done a little coloring beforehand.  It is sort of like stretching our emotions in a healthy manner before gambling with real money.

The people who see coloring for adults as infantile would prefer we read about online casinos and online casino games before we gamble real money playing them.  While we steadfastly disagree with them on the cultural value of coloring for adults, we definitely agree with them on the value of reading about online casino gaming before playing.  You can never have too much information!

We are online gaming aficionados to be sure but we always remind our readers that in these short little pieces we are mostly interested in being entertaining.  Gambling at an online casino for real money can result in financial loss.  It can also result in financial gain but we must always be prepared for either eventuality.